Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the health of myself and others.

My fiancee, Mark, had to miss work today. He seems to have a severe muscle strain in his lower abdomen area, something that is not good to have when you are swinging around a sledgehammer and climbing up and down ladders. Frankly, I felt safer with him staying home from work, but he seemed to be devastated, considering how difficult it is to keep your money nowadays. Some of us just can't afford to miss too much work.

We called the hospital last night and they told us that the walk-in started at 9:00.

So there we went at 8:30, driving to the hospital, listening to the new Disturbed Cd which is... strangely relaxing for a metal album. I had a little bit of trouble pulling into the hospital, mostly because I am only a beginner and my driver teacher didn't seem to know what he was doing at all. I cursed those white lines, and cursed such an early visit to the hospital because I am not too fond of getting up earlier.

We entered the hospital and waited about ten minutes for it to open, reading posters across the walls that had really nothing to do with our medical conditions, but they were somewhat helpful anyways.

Finally, we saw the metal curtains draw back across the reception desk, and we knew it was time. My fiancee and I walked over to the desk, greeted by a very decently pretty girl with longer light brown hair and pale skin that made her look more un-healthy then some of the patients. Pretending not to have noticed her very nice, slim figure, Mark asked her in his usual, laid back tone, "Do you know when the walk-in starts?"
She replied, "Oh, sorry, that doesn't start until 5:00 P.M."

Cursing our false information, we walked back out of the hospital, into our less-than-new truck, and back home (but of course, stopping for Subways on the way).

This trip started getting me thinking about my and Mark's health, and how major it always seems to us. Mark was completely frusterated and ashamed of himself for having to miss work because of his pulled muscles. I do admit, I do over-exaggerate about my conditions at time. I have Ulcerative Colitis, a condition that can be very painful when I eat the wrong kind of food. Every time I have a flare-up, I always whine and complain about the excruciating pain that I have to go through every single day.

The truth is though, if I decided to go back on my drugs, or if I just avoided the foods that flared my stomach, I could go through every day with out experiencing that pain at all. The only problem with the second option is that I love food a little to much to give up on it. Especially McDonalds; No way am I giving up my double Big Mac meal with a large Mcflurry.

Yes, I do have other issues that keep me feeling pain most of my life, but really, who doesn't? Is there any person in this world who is granted with a life without pain? We all go through times of bad health, bad spirits and terrifying emotions. For every moment of pain we go through, it makes ours bodies just that much stronger.

Besides, we always complain about what we don't have, but what about the people that don't have anything? You get the flu and have to stay home from work, so what do you do? You lay in a nice, warm bed all day, drinking chicken noodle soup and playing video games. What happens when all those nice elements are taken away? Imagine feeling the same amount of sickness, but without a bed, without any food, medicine or someone to tell you that, "Everything is going to be alright."

It's amazing how much we complain about, and overlook those little things in life that keep us alive.

Really, all I want people to take away from this blog is that we people, who are sitting at the computer, writing on our blogs (and sipping on hot chocolate) have a lot in life to be happy for. So the next time you're sick in bed, dwelling on how terrible you feel and how much money you'll lose from missing work, start listing off the things you do have, not the things you don't.

(Picture by the talented mjjones of deviantart)


  1. Its weird that you're only 17 but you think your 30!! >:( You need to slow down before you ruin your life. (remember mom and dad?)

  2. I awarded you the sunshine award! :)