Monday, December 13, 2010


I know I had promised I would post more often.
I know I promised I'd figure out what I'd want to be, and start posting right away.

But the fact is... life... is busy.

I have been dealing with so much right now, it's been really hard to try and juggle something like a blog and my real life, so it was obvious which one I had to temporarily drop.

But now, hopefully, I am back, and you will soon understand my absence.

Ah, the lovely month of November: when the snow falls, and the walks to work seem longer and longer because of the cold air FREEZING your face off. Besides my birthday, November always seems very boring for me, considering that the snow mystically repels me, so there's no way I'm going outside.

This year, however, I found something that not only entertained me, but ate up every spare moment of my time.

A writing contest that takes place every year in the month of November, where writers from all over the globe come together, all to reach the same goal.
What is that goal, you may ask?

Writing a 50 000 word novel in one month.

And, of course, I found out about this contest after the month had already started. I was way behind schedule, and with my birthday in this month, I knew there would be a few days where I could not write.

The goal seemed impossible.

But it probably wouldn't have been, if I would have spent less time living life, and more time writing about it. Oh well.

I ended the month at 41,629 words. I was so close, and I know that next year, I can reach that goal... nay, I can surpass that goal by 100%.

But without further ado, I will post a preview of my novel. I have mentioned my novel once before, and it has finally been finished....

''Why? Why doesn't anyone stop them?' Cario thought, beginning to cry.
Zhane took a large punch to the face, and his nose began to bleed. Cario watched the blood drip off of his face and land in the dirt with wide eyes.
"Stop it..." Cario hiccuped, without behind heard.
Cario got up from the ground, clenching his fists.
"Stop it, right now!" Cario screamed, echoing across the grounds.
Everyone was silent, as Cario ran in between the boys, arms out-stretched. Tears streamed off of his face as he spoke.
"Why? Why do you have to fight? There was never any reason for us to fight, we didn't do anything wrong!" Cario yelled.
He put his hands up to his chest, and looked at the bullies with sad eyes.
"Each and every one of us are the same, from the sadness in our eyes, to the warmth in our hearts. So why? Why must you do this?"
Zhane's eyes widened in shock. What was this boy saying?
The bullied all looked at each other in confusion. Dustin then chuckled.
"Because... it's fun. And I aint never felt my 'warm' heart." Dustin mocked, and his crew quickly laughed and nodded in agreement.
Cario looked at the ground, his hair covering his eyes.
"I see..." His words sounded sad.
Zhane's face softened, and he began to reach his hand out to the boy.
"Then you are not human enough for me to care," Cario said quietly, without emotion.
He lifted his face, his eyes still sad, but empty in some way.
"Eh!? What did you say to me?" Dustin yelled angrily.
He ran up to Cario, ready to throw him to the ground, when he was suddenly stopped by the sickening crunching noise of bones breaking. He looked down to see Cario's fist against his chest, almost smoking from the impact. Dark, crimson blood leaked from his lips, dripping slowly off of is face.
"S-shit," Dustin coughed, blood spraying across Cario's milky white skin.
He fell to the ground in pain.
"What is going on-" The Headmaster ran towards them, stopping as he saw the poor boy on the ground, coughing out his blood.
"I destroyed the bad guy." Cario said in a monotonous sing song voice, tilting his head.
He stepped on top of Dustin's elbow, crouching down.
"Can you feel the warmth of your blood now?" He asked, grabbing his wrist and pulling upward.
Dustin screamed as his bones snapped violently, his arm a twisted mess.
"Cario!" The Headmaster screamed, starting to run to break them up.
When Cario's gaze met the headmaster's, tears began to well up in his eyes and he began to sob. He ran towards the Headmaster, grabbing his arm.
"Headmaster, -hiccup-, those bad guys are fighting each other! Stop them, please!" Cario sobbed.
He turned and pointed towards the boys, who only stared back at him, frightened.
"Huh? They stopped?" Cario said, tilting his head in confusion.
Zhane stepped back, his eyes wide with fear.
'Does... he not remember?' Zhane thought, clenching his fists.'

I will not, however, be posting a full version of this story. Nay, I will finish editing and tweaking it, and send it to publisher after publisher, until I finally get what I want. Then, feel free to read it over and over again if you want. Actually, if it ever actually gets published, I may end up giving away a few copies on this blog.

I have already begun working on character and plotline development for my next year's unnamed novel. I will post some 'before the story' and 'after the story' shorts throughout the year to keep my mouth watering and my creativity a-glow, as well as drawing of the characters.
To keep you busy, I will post here a line-art that I have uploaded of one of the main characters, 'Dream-Catcher'. I will post the other characters' pictures after they have been coloured on photoshop.

So... uh... Anyways...
Before I go, I have made an account on Y!Gallery (because that now that I'm 18, I'm allowed to post my yaoi) but read the stories at your own risk. If you haven't noticed, gore is one of my favourite subjects to write about, and some of the fanfics are quite.... jaw dropping, to say the least. But they have warnings on them, of course. Some of my fics are just fluffy, so those are safe to read.

So before I begin to bore you... I bid you adieu.

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